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After two years of an undying urge, a sense of something to say,

whispers that had to be answered, in a round house

with no corners of stagnation, only soft swirls which turned out to be

a vortex of creative force that resulted in the opportunity to convert something into something that wasn’t, but is, a world of truths emerged, all wrapped up in celestial energy.

With hearts full of love, The Morning Birds have produced

a song of illumination for you.

Undulating forth, Bloom is a hybrid of global lounge pop and jazzy doo-wop. Here is the result of contemplatively creative Samuel Markus striking the beats and bass line in tune with Jennifer Thorington’s cosmically velvet vocals. Bloom is something you might listen to on a lazy Sunday morning… or with likeminded friends on a late Saturday night. Or, just listen, love and allow.

Fresh, funky and eclectic, Bloom is remixed by 5 DJs from around the world. It’s a melting pot of global grooves representing the cycles of the year, gently tempting you to decide, which season strikes your fancy?

The Morning Birds create, generate, and disseminate independently,

artistically intact, as they can be, on their own terms.

Looking forward to a world where you may feel the urge to…

pour yourself a glass half full, play the music, and call it good.


The Morning Birds

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Press for BLOOM EP:

"There’s a thin line between innovative and pretentious, and everyone has kept just to the right side of that line with this collab. The original song, which opens the album, has just enough attitude of it’s own to keep it from getting lost in the mix, with lush, deep vocals and layer upon layer of synth and drums and bass. Whether it’s in the slow-building and jagged Spring Bloom or the carefully produced synth of Winter Bloom, the song leaves almost endless room for abstraction and lush reimagination... twenty-two minutes of carefully constructed, intelligently written, and perfectly complementary tracks that will hold an appeal to everyone. Innovation over pretension every time."

- The Cutprice Jukebox

"...a dark future bass sound featuring reverb vocals and plenty of atmospherics–perfect for after the sun sets."

- Surviving the Golden Age

"... spiritually lush track “Bloom,” resulting in a heavenly crescendo of acidic arpeggios and vibey vocals."

- The Vinyl District

"The original track is a mind blowing jazz, trip-hop odyssey that itself won’t be released till the EP drops. For now, we can satiate our hunger with Dimond Saints’ hypnotic rendition"

- Blahblahblahscience

"The EP bleeds eclecticism."

- Hof Is Better

"An acidic bassline and some wispy effervescence. Matched with the enchanting, bewitching vocals of the California duo, we’re left with something that feels magical and fantastical."

- I Heart Moosiq

"In search for some chill deep house tunes to add to your beach vibes playlist? Look no further than checking out this latest release from The Morning Birds."

- Dancing Astronaut




"Indian Summer" Hypem



Previous Press:

"It's the first Friday of the New Year.

A good day to be alive.

Bump this jive, and go give a high five."

- Sharp Balloon

The Morning Birds on Ferry Weekly with "Born To Be Alive" - Ferry Weekly

The Morning Birds make the #3 emerging artist of Los Angeles from The Deli Magazine!

"The Morning Birds make anthems for a glass-half-full lifestyle. Intricate, layered pop that compels you to take the journey with them. Surrender to This, their most recent release, is a mixed-bag of sixties psych-folk, modern day electro-pop, laid-back hip-hop rhythms, and reggae swagger. This is music for those looking for a good time."

- Jacqueline Caruso, The Deli Mag

"If there ain't something in that little lot to get you shimmying, you ain't got ears."

- Burdz Eye View

"One thing this album does quite well is the integration of this retro aesthetic into the songwriting. The title track features a Latin-flavored guitar strum and hand claps that are so Beatles circa 1964, while “Born to Be Alive” is a fun, up-tempo song with a strong rockabilly flair."

Consequence of Sound

"...beautiful and quite addictive combination of folk and pop mixed with pure passion and sincere emotions."

- Against the Oddz

TMB hit #3 on Serbian FM RADIO! Alongside Pet Shop Boys, Frank Ocean, Bloc Party, Keane, Blur, Joss Stone, Jack White, Geroge Michael, Mumford and Songs, Lana Del Rey, Cat Power and MORE!

Strategija Zvuka FM Radio

"There is much more here than just good music. There is meaning in the lyrics to help the listener focus on what is most important, staying centered and giving in to what your heart tells you is right."

Indie Band Guru

Surrender To This” by The Morning Birds is an excellent release with tracks that reach brilliance. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

The Morning Birds are an intense, atmospheric and completely original band that are extremely hard to peg down sonically. And when it comes down to it, why bother? Music should be an experience, and I must say, The Morning Birds certainly fulfill this requirement. "


"This magnificent EP, full of pastoral optimism and the virtues of spectacular-sounding harmonies sounds as if it was lost and eventually dug out from the 60's. That being said, It doesn't sound dated as it teeters somewhere between psychedelic pop and folk with some tunes at a faster twist, indicating more contemporary influences. The voices of Jenn and Sam are beautifully combined and make up for a soulful and pleasurable listen."


"Born To Be Alive, which skips along on the back of a groove so funky that it sounds like it was kidnapped from a 1970s New York disco and dragged into the new Millennium. Add the doo-wop harmonies and slinky percussion and we have a song that is so sure to put a smile on your face it could come with a money back guarantee."

- The Mad Mackerel

"...they create soundscapes that paint a perfect summer picture positive beats that remind me of a day in the sand. The Morning Birds know how to create a feel-good vibe, and their latest record Surrender to This is backing that statement up."

- Pens Eye View

"They make running a music site like this worthwhile and however overwhelmingly biased we are towards them, we will not make any apologies. Check them out, they are delightful, its official."

- Beehive Candy Jan 2012

"Surrender to This" reviewed:

"The duo experiment a little more with beats and harmonies on this new release, especially on the up tempo pop sounding “Born To Be Alive.” The Morning Birds revert back to their folk-pop sound on the song “Treasure,” while the vocals of Jennifer Thorington really begin to take-off."

JP's Music Blog

"It's Then You'll Know - Spooky, sexy sixties inspired siren complete with a sped-up gothic breakdown, this video has it all!

- The Deli Magazine

The Deli Magazine & INDMUSIC select "It's Then You'll Know" to be screened at CMJ 2011!

"The Morning Birds cinematic tones make you feel as if you're floating on a cumulous cloud at daybreak being transported to another time and place like a willing Dorothy and Toto. 'The Quickening' weaves Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus' stunning vocals around a complex yet comforting piece of sublime pop - call the control center and ask for clearance 'cause this one makes me want to break into airplane pose and fly away."

-Yoga Shelter, Shelter Sounds

Featured on CMJ's New Music Monthly April 2011 AND weekly download for over 1 MONTH and counting!

"The Quickening has slyly seduced us over the past few days and weeks with its infectious blend of sunny harmonies and groovy rhythms."

- The Mad Mackerel, part 2

"The duo of Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus have created one of the most creative independent music groups of the last two years."

- My Record Journal

"It is one of those records that has gradually grown and grown on us and is full of lovely harmonies and rich, warm instrumentation that reminds us of duos like She & Him, but is altogether more joyful and uplifting these two are what we would have once called hippies, and they are all the better for it!"

- Mad Mackerel, part 1

...they write pure, fantastic songs reminiscent of the best male-female duos in modern musics history. They have the pure joy of life present in Matt and Kim, the polish of She and Him and the intensity of the White Stripes."

- Reviews and the Rest

"The co-ed duo consists of Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Marcus who complement each others comforting vocals. ...a good option for setting the mood after coming home from a lively Saturday night..."

- Modern Mystery Blog

"The infectious tune and the playful, vibrant images combine to make Its Then Youll Know a video youll just have to share."

- Skope Magazine

"...the soft harmonies really stand out above the rhythmic drumming that seemingly ensures the pace is kept up before we softly drift away to something quite beautiful."

- 2011Candy

"If The Morning Birds were Bees they would defiantly be workers, because of what they are doing over time to build their brand. Unlike your typical music group; they are artist, designers and film makers. The Morning Birds are the one stop shop for anything you could ever ask for from a group in the music world"

- NRG Theory

"Hollywood's, The Morning Birds, are a polished and professional band spouting art at every turn. Its part folk, part rock, and all accessible. "


"It's great to hear varied production tactics, and these guys employ them nicely. ... easy with layered vocals and smoky with emotion. If the Doors were still releasing albums, these songs would be on it."

- Ross Christopher

I like the exclusive blend of tones and layered vocals they use; a unique style that is hard to categorize, which is one of their strongest features. "

- Talk with Tim

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BLOOM out Now