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"Evidence that folk is most certainly one of the most exciting genres to be following. Alison May’s album is simply breathtaking."

- The Daily Consciousness

"She's a lithely little thing with an enormous musical presence. Alison eventually found her voice and I'm happy she did because she's phenomenal."

- Zink Magazine

"The record is gentle and intimate. Ms. May played all the instruments on Earnest Keep. A true labor of her heart, she needed each instrument as a tool to articulate her personal emotions."

- Speakercone

"Alison May will rope you in with her big Texan voice and have you drifting to her tunes, so harmonious and stylish."

- In Your Speakers

"Her heartfelt work is testament to her own appreciation and belief in the importance of being earnest—Wilde would approve. A debut of such depth and magnitude sets the stage for much anticipation."

- Sick Of The Radio

"Earnest Keep remains a windswept slice of folk and a glimpse into the private thoughts of a contemplative songstress."

- The Owl Magazine

"This debut album is the perfect introduction to May’s multi-faceted talent."

- Outsmart Magazine

"Multi-instrumentalist Alison May’s debut LP Earnest Keep is beautifully raw yet immaculately composed. Bearing influences of heartbreak and wonder, she howls in a manner that demands attention, as though a detailed medley of her musical coming of age."

- In Between Play

"Her voice was strong and all around surprising. From the first chord struck and the first note sung, she silenced the audience to a low murmur and commanded attention. Her music is worth capturing, and will be sure to blow you away."

- Music In Press

“Shaw’s poetry and musical sensibilities intertwine to near perfect on In Waterland, a deeply personal and moving experience that is as subtle as the current, and as deep and unbending as the tide.”

Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World

"It’s a quiet, relentlessly intense masterpiece."

- New York Music Daily

"Jodi Shaw gets maximum mileage out of her clear, expressive voice, composing folk-pop tunes that employ multi-track harmonies and intersecting melody lines."

- The New Yorker

"The Morning Birds make anthems for a glass-half-full lifestyle. Intricate, layered pop that compels you to take the journey with them. Surrender to This, their most recent release, is a mixed-bag of sixties psych-folk, modern day electro-pop, laid-back hip-hop rhythms, and reggae swagger. This is music for those looking for a good time."

- The Deli Magazine, Jacqueline Caruso

"Jodi Shaw’s voice is spellbinding and attention-grabbing. Make no mistake; this is healing music, haunting but pure. Brilliant singer/songwriter material. This has to be one of the most impressive and moving releases I’ve heard in 2012."

- James Moore

"Jodi’s voice is gentle and times, but can also be very powerful and compelling... her folk storytelling shines."

JP, JP's Music

"...spare songs that exert a strong pull. Stenger makes downhearted pop, singing in wistful tones over close, intimate arrangements built mostly around acoustic guitar, with accents here and there from electric guitar and piano.

It’s particularly powerful"

- Listen Dammit

“In many ways there is a diary entry quality to the structure of his releases, which is let loose on the ears with emotional dexterity that drills straight to the heart.”

Tim, Indie Bands Blog

"...beautifully skilled guitar playing that somehow sits between Joni Mitchell and Jimmy Page, well-chosen warm keyboards, and Cameron’s strong lead vocal. The sparse delays and instrumentation bring elements of genius to the appeal of this release."

- Indie Music Promotion

"Simple, beautiful, and soothing."

- Dear Pop Music

“Stenger is one for the radar” –

Blahblahblah Science

“It's excellent stuff. Check out "Lovers" ASAP” –

Pens Eye View

"Sean Cooney is freaking incredible! This dude is Will.I.Am meets Adam Levine, making

him the quintessential poster child of popular music today."


"...this Sean Cooney guy has the goods and

could possibly be the next big thing in the pop genre."

- IAE Magazine

"Have you ever had an OMG! Moment? That is what Juniors Cave Golden Isles Online Magazine had when we first listened to the music of Sean Cooney. We were instantly hooked with Cooneys music. We loved his catchy hooks, crafty lyrics, amazing vocals, and fun power pop tunes."

- Junior's Cave

"...a big thumbs-up and I confess that the damned song is now firmly stuck in my head."

- Big Medicine (On Deja Vu)

"He's the type of artist I instantly respect because of the genuine nature of the music and the lyrics. He is naturally a truth sayer. Like the great philosophical songwriters and lyricists of our time like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Sprinstein, Phil Jones typically writes about positive change, politics, human rights, love, redemption, and personal growth. Its artists like Mark Lanegan and Leonard Cohen that come to mind when listening to Phils deep, raspy baritone, although he has his own distinct tone."

- Independent Music Promotions

"There is a laid-back mood in his songs that reminds me of J.J Cale, whereas the vocal delivery has a strong resemblance with Chris Rea. Moreover, songs like "Are You Aligned" demonstrate a social uneasiness that proves he has a restless spirit."

- Did Y'all Hear That?

“Last Man Standing” is music that invades your soul. It’s mellow under tones dance into your sub conscience and replay over and over in your head. John Blaylock is as refreshing and crisp as an autumn breeze. No music collection would be complete with out this CD in it and the music you have already pales in its comparison.


"...what makes Franco stand out: a strong, emotive voice, beautiful harmonies, simple, strong songwriting, and a wonderfully atmospheric production that immerses everything with a slightly moody tint, as if it were daybreak in some dive in an alley with no name, and you were the only one bearing witness to the magic happening onstage."

- Wasfuersohr

"If there ain't something in that little lot to get you shimmying, you ain't got ears."

- Burdz Eye View

"One thing this album does quite well is the integration of this retro aesthetic into the songwriting. The title track features a Latin-flavored guitar strum and hand claps that are so Beatles circa 1964, while “Born to Be Alive” is a fun, up-tempo song with a strong rockabilly flair."

Consequence of Sound

"...they create soundscapes that paint a perfect summer picture positive beats that remind me of a day in the sand. The Morning Birds know how to create a feel-good vibe, and their latest record Surrender to This is backing that statement up."

- Pens Eye View

"They make running a music site like this worthwhile and however overwhelmingly biased we are towards them, we will not make any apologies. Check them out, they are delightful, its official."

- Beehive Candy Jan 2012

"It's Then You'll Know - Spooky, sexy sixties inspired siren complete with a sped-up gothic breakdown, this video has it all!

- The Deli Magazine - NY PRINT VERSION, CMJ 2011

"The duo experiment a little more with beats and harmonies on this new release, especially on the up tempo pop sounding “Born To Be Alive.” The Morning Birds revert back to their folk-pop sound on the song “Treasure,” while the vocals of Jennifer Thorington really begin to take-off."

JP's Music Blog

"Born To Be Alive, which skips along on the back of a groove so funky that it sounds like it was kidnapped from a 1970s New York disco and dragged into the new Millennium. Add the doo-wop harmonies and slinky percussion and we have a song that is so sure to put a smile on your face it could come with a money back guarantee."

- The Mad Mackerel

The Morning Birds cinematic tones make you feel as if you're floating on a cumulous cloud at daybreak being transported to another time and place like a willing Dorothy and Toto. 'The Quickening' weaves Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus' stunning vocals around a complex yet comforting piece of sublime pop - call the control center and ask for clearance 'cause this one makes me want to break into airplane pose and fly away.

Yoga Shelter - Shelter Sounds, June 2011

The Quickening has slyly seduced us over the past few days and weeks with its infectious blend of sunny harmonies and groovy rhythms.

Mad Mackerel - Mad Mackerel

The duo of Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus have created one of the most creative independent music groups of the last two years.

My Record Journal / JP's Music Blog

It is one of those records that has gradually grown and grown on us and is full of lovely harmonies and rich, warm instrumentation that reminds us of duos like She & Him, but is altogether more joyful and uplifting these two are what we would have once called hippies, and they are all the better for it!

Mad Mackerel

"...they write pure, fantastic songs reminiscent of the best male-female duos in modern musics history. They have the pure joy of life present in Matt and Kim, the polish of She and Him and the intensity of the White Stripes."

Robin Cripe - Reviews and the Rest

The co-ed duo consists of Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Marcus who complement each others comforting vocals. ...a good option for setting the mood after coming home from a lively Saturday night...

Modern Mystery Blog

The infectious tune and the playful, vibrant images combine to make Its Then Youll Know a video youll just have to share.

Skope Magazine

"Tell Me How Much You Love Me" has a cinematic approach that is exceptional. The brass in the background has a haunting beauty, the mulled voices have an allure all their own..."

- Leicester Bangs

"In the world of blogging, artists like Nathan Mathes only cross your path every now and then. You wont hear many better debut albums this year!"


"This is the kind of album that makes us glad we continue to write about music because if we didn' would be very unlikely that we would be turned onto obscure gems like this."

Nathan Mathes has it going on.



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