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Working Brilliantly with The Birds of Night

Working Brilliantly had a chance to sit down with the boys from The Birds of Night, a nostalgically glazed Rock and Roll band, inspired by the sounds of the 60's. Their new EP Fulton St showcases the wonderfully refreshing throwback sound, which is not unlike their stripped down stage show - great tunes complimented by in the pocket grooves and dusty harmonies. We particularly dig their soulful motown ballad "A New Sensation" which you can stream below.

WB - The music is so masterfully mixed to feel organic. The drums for example are great and drive the songs perfectly even though they are so much farther back in the mix then most modern music. Can you explain your philosophy on mixing Fulton St.?

I think the mixes were the hardest part of this album because of the bare bones recording set up we work with.  The drums were recorded with only two mics, therefore, we had to really squeeze every drop we could out of using reverb and effects on everything.  We also wanted to be true to our live sound, which is very simple. We don't have a lot of technology and stomp pedals between us and our audience.  That really presented a challenge to our approach, so we really decided to stay in a "less is more" state of mind.

WB - Where is Fulton st. and what significance does it have to the record?

Fulton St. is actually where my apartment is located, it's also where we recorded our E.P. and are recording our upcoming album.  

WB - What is The Birds of Night's primary focus as a band?

Well for us, the music is always going to be our primary focus.   In this day and age, if what you're doing isn't short of spectacular, people are pretty quick to forget. So we have a very "If you build it, they will come" philosophy in our songs.  If they are great and exceptional, then people will want to talk about them and share them with their friends. If you can't get people to spread your music, then you're not doing your job as a musician.  

WB - How does the chemistry of the band work? Was making the record an easy process?

Our chemistry is very unique.  We're very intense about our work and I think that intensity will show on our upcoming album.  I'm really excited about it. Making Fulton St. was quite a bit of work.  We needed to make it something that people would want to listen to and hopefull dance to.  Music is all about the emotions you feel while you listen to it, so we wanted our audience to feel what we feel and react to it.  It wasn't easy, but it was very worth it.  

WB - How do you see your career unfolding in the next few years?

The music industry today is not a recording industry, it's a performance  industry.  So we are very focused right now on creating an exceptional live show for our audience.  We hopefully will be playing smaller theatres and festivals in the next few years.  Right now however, we're just keeping our heads down and staying focused on what's directly in front of us.


WB - Good on ya guys! Cant wait to hear whats next.


Stay connected with The Birds of Night HERE and be sure to check out their limited edition silk screen T-Shirts.

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