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eli raybon.

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With only a few releases to his name, 21-year-old Eli Raybon has quickly established himself as a sci-fi weirdo auteur. The staunch non-conformist is now priming his most rebellious release yet: a sci-fi concept album called Supertoys.

Raybon’s work is fueled by an unrestricted imagination, born from a serious case of childhood nostalgia. His formative years were spent exploring small-town Mississippi, writing songs, and directing his own Hi8 tape movies. But as he grew, Eli became keenly aware of the sobering realities that faced him and his peers – a conveyer belt existence where they were destined to become carbon copies of their parents. He himself was on route to New York to study computer science and mathematics, before pulling the emergency brake and changing his plans only two days before freshman orientation.

When the dust settled, Eli began recording his debut LP, The Machine & My Dilemma, which documented his desire to jump off the hamster wheel of life. Following its release, Raybon moved to LA to pursue music full time. Never one to flounder, Eli immediately recorded and released two lauded singles. The track 30 Cents was accompanied by an ambitious music video which was screened at film festivals across the country. He soon followed up with Green, an EP that drew praise from Buzzbands LA, Noisey and Paste.


Eli became infatuated with hardware synthesizers and moved from writing material on the guitar to a more expansive pallet on synths. Feeling his new material called for a producer beyond his skillset, Raybon sought the help of synth guru Prozak Morris, who had transitioned from making bass heavy hip hop to calibrating cutting edge vaporwave. The two collaborated on a remix and Eli quickly realized this was the producer he had been dreaming of. They began work on an album, recording from opposite coasts, Eli on the East and Prozak on the West, connecting through frequent phone calls as they slowly pieced their production together.

The resulting LP, Supertoys, is a wily slice of retro-futurism, combining cyberpunk storytelling and disco beats with a myriad of hardware synth work. The album is rich with a sense of surrealism and nostalgia, composed of both happy and bittersweet tones that evoke the great 80’s avant-garde electronic groups like Tangerine Dream, along with contemporary artists such as Neon Indian and M83. Raybon will release the first single from Supertoys on March 29th, following his showcase at SXSW on March 15th.

Synths used:
Roland - Juno 106, SH-101, JU-06, JP-08, JX-03, TR-8, Fantom ,SP303
Korg - Mono/Poly, Minilogue, DW8000, Triton
Behringer - DM12, Model D
Moog - Mother 32
Arturia - Microbrute
Waldorf - Striechfett
Akai - MPC2500
Casio - CZ101
Novation - Ultranova
Yamaha - RY-20




Release Date July 12, 2019







Track Listing:

1. Id of the Android (4:13)

2. Battery Brain (4:51)

3. Empathy Test (3:38)

4. The Moon is Made of Cheese (4:14)

5. Primitive Man (6:34)

6. Star Child (4:13)

7. Squarewave to Heaven (3:38)

8. Saturday Nights in Space (3:15)

9. Computer, Don’t Kill Me (4:43)

10. Pluto’s First Popstar (3:59)

11. Pluto’s First Popstar (Outro) (2:25)


GENRE:  Electronic, Synth Pop

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