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Exotic Legend (due out August 23rd)—- is ambient guitarist Nico Wyland aka FerrariLover’s structured sensual beast, composed of densely layered songs with multiple tracks of reverb drenched sounds intricately woven together. While the songs in her debut Seventh Sky were improvised often in a single take, the chord progressions on Exotic Legend are for the most part methodical, rich pulsations which create cavernous spaces around her signature delicate ‘Stealthy—‘ as the song title describes—-melody lines. 


In this effort, FerrariLover has expanded her studio to create harmonics which drift into an expansive horizon, at once elusive and self contained. It’s study music for otherworldly discovery or perhaps a hidden path into FerrariLover’s inner world. “One thing I really love about art is that it often makes very little rational sense,” Wyland asserts. “I like to unearth the pure mystery of it all.” 


FerrariLover hails from San Diego but has traveled the world over, deeply soaking up French, Italian and Eastern culture. Her music is characterized by ‘savoir-faire’—she often composes with filmic images in her mind, such as those of the new wave cinema which played in her home as a youngster. 


In her formative years, she remembers putting on her headphones and disappearing into the MTV of the 80’s. From a very young age she began making elaborate mixtapes, mashing up various genres, and this practice eventually transitioned into DJing. In her twenties, while living in NYC, she sold her turntables to buy her first guitar and never looked back, falling deeply in love with effect pedals and the world of sound that one can create with the slightest touch of the fretboard. 


FerrariLover’s guitar overtures give off a haunting, other worldly vibe, interspersed with unexpected flashes of beauty. It’s genre-defying music that falls somewhere between PJ Harvey and Philip Glass. Her sound installations have been shown internationally in contemporary exhibition spaces in Belgium as well as online. The hypnotic pulsations of Seventh Sky grabbed the attention of international press. The follow up, Exotic Legend, crafts a kind of sci-fi sinewy fairy tale, its song titles reflecting Wyland’s self created mini cosmos—the outro, ‘Isitiva,’ a glimmer of a loops and crystalline effects, is the name of the secret power attained by masters of Vedanta meditation ‘to act freely even to create something wonderful or to annihilate anything at will—- a power, the record suggests, which mystically resides in music.




Out August 23, 2019





GENRE: Ambient, Instrumental

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