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"You are easily one of the most pro publicists I work with."

- Dave Good, San Diego Reader

"Dedicated, passionate & genuine are some of the many ways I would describe the Working Brilliantly team. From minute one Jen & Sam strived to build a relationship with me, my team & my bands not just get my business. When it comes to PR it's hard to find anyone better & more trusting than them. Keep up the amazing work! I can't wait for many more years of a successful partnership!"

- Phillip Ryan Block, CEO and Owner of Independent Ear Records 

"Not only do the folks over at Working Brilliantly offer a wide variety of terrific artists, they seem to care for their roster like no one else I have dealt with. They're easy to communicate with and follow up on requests immediately. They are a pleasure to work with and lend credibility to whoever they support."

- Erick Mertz

Bearded Magazine

"Jennifer and her staff bring a personal touch to the work they do for their artists.

They have an eclectic roster and always respond promptly to requests for product and interviews. They always make my job a lot easier."

- j. poet

Magnet Magazine, Relix


"I always look forward to the creative and personalized correspondence from the peeps at Working Brilliantly. They truly serve their clients by presenting their music in a compelling way and shedding a light on the most fascinating aspects of their artistry. When considering coverage, I am happy to deal with them as they have always been on point regarding personal and professional needs and timelines."

- Mike Olinger

Premiere editor for The Vinyl District, Sunset in the Rearview


"I wish everyone in this biz was as enthusiastic and encouraging. "

- Jack Rabid

The Big Takeover


"Working with Working Brilliantly is such a delight.  I've discovered a variety of interesting music via the PR company and enjoy spreading the word about Working Brilliantly's talented roster of artists."

- Jen Dan, DoA, Freelance Journalist


"Working Brilliantly has a knack for promoting artists. Unlike other services
that rely on bulk emails and anonymous contacts, they use carefully selected
contacts from their many sources in the industry and correspondences are always
with real people."

- Azar Dagher, Fetal Records Owner


"The Best PR Firm on the planet!"

- Steve Savage

IIFC Director


 "To put it simply, Working Brilliantly gets the best what they deserve: the best. Any Publicity agency can bring you on board and throw your name in a billion different directions, but Working Brilliantly actually brings you into their family, where they learn everything about you and know exactly where you need to be. It’s never a bad thing to have someone watching your back, especially the Publicity geniuses at Working Brilliantly. This agency can, and will, bolster your cause with their endless connections and creativity"

- Hear This! Promotions


"There is no question that Working Brilliantly is built on solid values with the best intentions. They have put everything on the line for their artists and continuously go beyond the call of duty.  They put the time and energy into learning trends and knowing what works and have catapulted numerous artists to new soaring heights."

- SKOPE Magazine


"Thanks so much for continuing to send us tremendous talent to write about. "

- Skye P.

Amped Sounds Magazine


"Happy to check this out, as always. I always appreciate your personalized promo letters."

- Jeremy


"We have been working brilliantly for a while now. Sam and Jenn are a powerhouse combination of knowledge and creativity, they get results. We know our Brand is in the best possible hands. That's why we trust WHOA to be Working Brilliantly." 

- Anthony "Train" and Lisa Caruso

WHOA Media Group


"I can't tell you how appreciative I am to be working with people who have it so together.  It makes my job a lot easier."

- David Busse








"A Peerless publicity group."

- The Currys

"I would highly recommend Working Brilliantly to any artist who wants visibility in tastemaker music outlets. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam and Jennifer on a variety of projects over the years and with every campaign, I’ve found them to be passionate, personable, goal-oriented and professional. They are great communicators, easy to work with and deliver quality results. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Working Brilliantly."

- Teddi Gold

"My experience doing an album campaign with WB was amazing. They had wonderful ideas for marketing, and secured really good premiers. This all done promptly and they actually spent more time on our campaign than the contract listed. 

 They worked my record while my band was going through a difficult time and still made sure everything came out positive. They encouraged us through tough times and gave incredible advice on dealing with really tough situations and decisions. On a more personal note, I suffer from multiple mental illness’ ..and Sam and Jennifer couldn’t have been more patient, kind and understanding in dealing with these situations. 

  Essentially I would recommend anyone who’s serious about promoting their album to work with WB as they gave me full attention, responded to emails almost immediately, went with the flow and changes throughout the campaign, and made special accommodations to work with my special needs and mental health. 

 I felt and still feel like I made friends and potential business partners for life."

- Adam Moult / Bad Cop

"I'm amazed at your excellence. I'm happy we were brought together. Your professionalism is quite an example for our industry. 

Thank you for treating me so well."

- Eron Falbo


"I am convinced that using any other PR company to work with would have been a huge mistake. The time and dedication WB put into our record was inspiring and soared beyond our expectations. They were integral in building a level of legitimacy and professionalism around the music I care and worked so hard for. Would and do recommmend them to any independent artist."

- Katie Burden  


"I worked with Working Brilliantly on the release of my EP “High Dreamer” in late winter/early spring of 2016. I found them extremely helpful & focused on getting blog features for the EP. This was a huge win for me because the blogs that ended up sharing my music and writing about it were exactly the types of places I had envisioned. When people saw that the EP was getting really good press, I got a larger buzz around and attention on the music than I would have if I had only self promoted it. I highly recommend working with this *brilliant* team! Thanks WB! <3"

- Kylie Odetta 

"Working Brilliantly is the best PR team on the planet! They are consummate professionals who care 

deeply about the artists they promote. They strive to (and succeed in) getting to the core of their artists’ 

musical and lyrical identity, and they are excellent at creating promotional materials that encapsulate that 

identity. Working Brilliantly has done the PR for my last two albums, and the results have been 

spectacular. I’ve gone from a virtually unknown local San Diego singer-songwriter to a musician with 

national press coverage, excellent reviews, and a broad fan-base. Jennifer and Sam are an absolute 

pleasure to work with, and I would recommend Working Brilliantly to any musician looking for a PR 

team to create a detailed, highly personalized, dynamic press campaign."

- John Helix


"Loser's Way Home is thrilled with Working Brilliantly's impact on our newest release, "Love Songs for the Rest of Us." We underwent our first publicity campaign with WB, and it has been easily worth it! In fact, we hope to use them for future releases. Our record was reviewed and promoted by many sites, including the Huff Post blog. If you are sitting on the fence about using their services, go for it! You want regret it! 5 star company!"

- Randall Downs of Loser's Way Home  

"When I first received a message from Jennifer at Working Brilliantly I was flattered but hesitant to move forward. I did some due diligence and emailed back and forth with Jennifer and soon we talked on the phone. As our communication became more frequent, I felt more comfortable moving forward because Jennifer was very open and honest and answered all of my questions and concerns. That’s a big deal in the music world because most people you encounter really don’t take the time to cultivate a relationship with you unless they see some immediate gain for themselves. So, we decided to sign up with WB; we immediately were given an extensive list of questions to more or less get our “stuff” straight – updated media presence, specific questions about why we do this – a thoroughly comprehensive list geared towards finding out specifically who the Tigerlilies are. Jennifer was very patient as I required some extra time and help getting all of these things together. But it’s important for WB to get to know just who it is they are representing so they can do the best job specifically for you. So, after we finished all the preliminaries, WB was able to go to work. It was not too long before articles and reviews started rolling in for our EP “123456.” And they kept coming! It really helped raise our profile regionally and enabled us to snag a spot as “Artist of the Month – Local Discovery” on the NPR affiliate, WNKU, as well as having people see us in a different light – people outside of Cincinnati like this music too! So, it wasn’t a very hard decision to work with them again on our upcoming single release. I know first-hand that WB is engaged, interested, supportive and they get results! What more could you ask for?"

- Brian Driscoll, The Tigerliles   


"Sam and Jennifer of Working Brilliantly far exceeded our expectations. From our point of view as soon as our campaign began, it seemed as if the world knew about our music as reviews piled up one after another. Their campaign was the easiest step during the launch of our album, since we just sat back and benefited from their insanely focused work. They are straight-forward, honest, and very serious about providing the most expansive and positive outcome. We highly recommend them." 

- Cashavelly Morrison

"I did a lot of research when trying to find the right press firm to hire for my latest alternative album release. After discussing things with several firms, I kept coming back to Working Brilliantly. I just had a good feeling about them and they did not let me down. Being attentive to details and communication is a big thing to me and they do a great job of that. I never felt lost with anything that was going on and they worked hard to secure exposure for the album and a music video while always keeping me up to date along the way. It’s a big deal to an indie artist when you put your trust in and spend your hard earned money on hiring a press firm…you really need to hire the right one. From my personal experience with WB, I would definitely recommend them. They gained a lot of exposure and in a very professional manner."

-Matt Lande 


"Working Brilliantly has taken us from virtually unknown to having pages worth of positive reviews, features and premieres online, as well as helping us build our social media presence. It was a pleasure working with Sam and Jen. They are great communicators with excellent ideas for exposure and their passion and dedication for music and helping artists is apparent every step of the way. We will definitely continue down the path we've carved out with Working Brilliantly on our next release!"

- Eric from Rabid Young

"After acting as our own publicists for years, Working Brilliantly exceeded our expectations when it came to generating positive press that lead to a successful album release." 

- The Black Oil Brothers   

"Working Brilliantly has been a fantastic boutique publicist for Sister Speak. Their work landed us many great reviews all over the USA which in turn led to new opportunities for booking and radio play. Overall they have been an extremely effective and genuine company to work with. Even a year later reviews are still coming in for the Rise Up For Love album! They really did brilliant work for our independent release and gave me an immense amount of hope that there are very genuine people in the music industry today! It has been a very inspiring connection!"

- Sherri Anne of Sister Speak

"I was very picky/did a lot of research before choosing what PR company to go with when my band was releasing its last EP. I chose Working Brilliantly because of the personal care and attention they give their artists, as well as due to their smaller roster of artists they really feel passionate about and devote their attention to. We got more out of the PR campaign than we expected (MANY great blog features as well as a feature in Huffington Post, etc.) and they were so nice to work with. Thank you guys for your help and for believing in our music! *Note: they were also super upfront about what results to expect from the campaign, and about the fact that we had to do a lot of work on our own in addition to their efforts. I really appreciated their honesty on how the process works"

- Marissa Lamar   Dec 22, 2016 


"We released our Indigo Sky album with Working Brilliantly's help and in a short amount of time got a lot of great press. Working with Jennifer and Samuel was a pleasure... They are genuinely nice people, so that made it easy and always pleasant. They let us know about opportunities as soon as they came up and were happy for us when our songs were picked for podcasts, etc. They were professional, organized, and responsive. Their questionnaires were interesting to fill out and useful for developing a deeper understanding about what makes our band unique. It was a very positive experience."

- Elena Pinto from Alnilam


"Jennifer and Samuel at Working Brilliantly gave my project dedicated and focused effort. Their work not only resulted in substantial, legitimate press for my release, but was carried out with the care and dedication of close friends, even though I've never met them face to face. I'm thankful for their good work, and, if you're lucky enough to work with them, I know you will be as well."

- Paul Doffing


"Working Brilliantly is a sincere publicity firm that always puts the artist first. They are down to earth and work very hard to ensure you get the best press possible. Working Brilliantly is a perfect fit for any emerging indie artist out there."

- Jordan Okrend


"With the release of my sophomore album, On the Horizon on April 8, 2015, I was perplexed with how to get reviews knowing that press can be difficult in Los Angeles.  After a conversation in late December 2014 with Jennifer Thorington, who told me how they approach the work they do and how they have forged relationships with so many key bloggers and music magazines around the US, I scheduled a start of January 1, 2015 with Working Brilliantly.  Jennifer and Sam have lived up to their great reputation in my case, and I now have a number of great reviews to support the album and some good radio airplay around the US.   I’ll be planning to work with Working Brilliantly for the release of my 3rd album in 2016."

- TJ Doyle


"It's been a pleasure to work with WBPR and they have advanced my career massively. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Franco & the Dreadnought


"The reviews I received with the help of Working Brilliantly shot my career from a hometown hero to being regionally and even nationally known. The work they provide is truly above and beyond. Working Brilliantly helped me see the possibilities in my music and really helped me to get it out to people that matter and care!" 

- Ethan Jano


"I can't say enough positive things about Working Brilliantly! Their name says it all! If you want to take your band to the next level, I would HIGHLY recommend you work with Jennifer and Samuel. They go above and beyond and you will get back at least twice as much effort as you put in. It's such a pleasure to work with cutting edge, innovative, positive people who have helped my band/music to reach an international level. One of my favorite things about this team is that they bring you in to their family.  It's a great feeling to know that they are that passionate about the musicians they work with."

- Lynx

Random Order


I retained Working Brilliantly to do some PR around a project of mine "Ships Have Sailed" and specifically an EP that I had already soft-launched in August 2013.  The first thing that struck me about their approach was that they do not take on clients whose art doesn't speak to them on some level, which I personally appreciate very much, and this definitely shines through in the result.  Although both Jenn, Sam and also I understood that it's slightly more difficult to gain press exposure for a release that has already been, well, released...we decided to plow ahead anyway, and a short three months later we had garnered exposure from over 50 media outlets, including digital, print and radio. I was also able to take advantage of their live booking expertise, and we completed our first mini-tour to the east coast (we are LA-based) on which most of the dates were booked through Working Brilliantly. Last but definitely not least, both Jenn and Sam are extremely down-to-earth, genuinely fantastic people.  They are honest, straightforward, and extremely reasonable with their fee structure.  This is all clearly demonstrated by their standards...they truly wish to represent each and every artist they work for as if the project were their own and I think this, hands-down, is the most integral part of their strategy.

- Will Carpenter

Ships Have Sailed


"I really appreciate all of your hard work on my campaign these last few months. I'm so happy with the results!"

- Lyndzie Taylor


"If you are anything like us, your probably working at least 4 jobs.  Your juggling your gig schedule, rehearsals, writing & recording new material, and working in the daytime hours to keep the landlord smiling.  Now that your band has some great material to share with the world you can add another job to that list which is your PR campaign.  When we reached this point we felt a great sense of accomplishment coupled with intense fear because we didn't have the slightest clue as to how we would get our music heard... enter Working Brilliantly.  We took our time to interview multiple PR firms but WB stood out because they were not only genuine with their enthusiasm for our music but also in their explanations of what we can expect from our campaign.  They didn't try to up sell us.  They didn't promise us the world.  But I'm not writing this to tell you what they didn't do, I want to talk about what they did for us, and that was to give us honest and truly meaningful guidance into the PR and business side of the music industry.  They were responsive to our messages and available when we needed them.  They were flexible in dealing with our creative input and applied that input into the PR campaign.  That was exactly what we were looking for in a PR firm but most importantly, they got us results and earned our trust.  When it comes to publicity and licensing we couldn't have asked for a better partner than Working Brilliantly. "

- Stephen Artemis

The Falling Birds


"In my case, I couldn't wrap my head around describing the music I've been creating.  Working Brilliantly has done for me what I couldn't do for myself and I am truly grateful.  They are a pleasure to work with and extremely talented at what they do.  I will positively come to them for any future publicity needs!!" 

- Josh Matthews


" I appreciate all of your hard work! You guys have done a great job. It means a lot to know that you guys are working hard for me and to know that you believe in the music." 

- Alison May


"Working Brilliantly is a true treasure. Jenn and Sam are so extremely sweet and talented. They provide an excellent service and are a wonderful team.

I'm excited to be working with them and hope to continue working with them for years to come!"

-Sean Cooney


"I'm excited to announce that I've been working with Working Brilliantly PR to help me get the word out about the new album. Jenn and Sam are both super nice and really easy to work with, not to mention really great musicians."

- Nathan Mathes

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