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Working Brilliantly publicity services include:

Full Comprehensive Campaigns (3 Month Minimum)

With our comprehensive music publicity campaigns, we offer full album / single / video marketing to press, playlists and podcasts. Our job is to create a compelling angle for artists & bands, including a press page, press releases and individual/personalized pitches to solicit premieres, exclusive coverage, reviews, column mentions, MP3 posts, print coverage and podcast/playlist airplay. We outreach to hand selected press contacts specifically for your genre. 


Our publicity campaigns are tiered according to how many contacts we consistently pitch to over the campaign timeline.


During the initial stages, we prep your campaign and begin outreach for an exclusive premiere for the lead-off single (only applicable if the album is unreleased - we DO publicize recently released album or re-releases). Small Campaigns include a max of 1 exclusive premiere, Medium Campaigns include a max of 2 exclusive premieres and Large Campaigns include a max of 3 exclusive premieres. Additional exclusive outreach is charged per asset. Keep in mind in EVERY case we go above and beyond contact numbers listed to ensure quality coverage


With Medium and Large Campaigns - Labels are sent to Client and Client is responsible for sending initial physical packages. WB can be hired to do so at and additional fee plus ALL postage and expenses.

If interested in a full campaign for your release or if you have any questions, please contact us HERE.


We also offer Indie friendly publicity options:

Premiere Campaign

Guarantees 1 exclusive premiere and min of 7 reviews/posts on high traffic outlets.

Notable Campaign

 Guarantees min of 5 reviews/posts on high traffic outlets - NO premieres included


Both ‘Indie Friendly’ campaigns DO NOT include any publicity materials from WB - they are provided by artist for WB’s use. These campaigns are not time constrained - once we meet our quota, our work is completed. 

If interested in one of our indie friendly options for your release, please contact us HERE.


ALL artists who join our publicity roster are offered a non-exclusive sync / licensing agreement upon signing.

PAYMENT - FULL payments are due at the beginning of a campaign. Payment plan may be offered case by case, with minimum payment of first and last month due upon signing of contract. We accept check, bank transfer, Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin and money orders. All major credit cards are accepted via Square (and at times, Paypal, but an additional 4% fee for each transaction via these methods is charged.

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