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Monica "Moe" Sierras


Working Brilliantly is different from all other music marketing companies out there and have more than once been recognized as a music publicity firm that operates similar to a record label.   


We use multi-faceted publicity campaigns to create album sales and increase fan base. Not only do our artists gain online and print exposure, but we also offer them national college radio promotion & licensing opportunities, pitching to hundreds of top-notch music supervisors.  We have assisted our artists in creating stellar music videos and we promote all materials we are given during a music publicity campaign to support their release.


Over years we have established thousands of contacts in the media and are creating new relationships every day with blogs, magazines, journalists and music supervisors around the world.  WB is known for our high quality roster of music and will only work with those artists we truly are inspired by.   


Each of our artists receive recognition in press through the merit of their music with the help of our inspired take, artist presentation, marketing angle and media relationships. 

Our founders Sam & Jenn, both musicians, are partners in life and in business. Sam went to film school (Idyllwild Arts & SVA) and has written music with artist Trevor Hall ("The Lime Tree"), opened for Cat Power at the Wiltern in LA and has a publishing deal with BMG. He is a sought after film editor who has worked on Academy Awards' contender "In Search of God" amongst other recognized corporate and charity spots for MIT & Global Press Institute. As a makeup artist in Hollywood, Jenn has worked with many major artists, actors and directors including Prince, The Black Eyed Peas, The Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Simpson, Sergio Mendez, Cassandra Peterson, Aaron Carter, Curtis Stone, Tyrese, Brenda Strong, Michael Madsen, Brett Ratner, Francis Lawrence, Jon Voight, Marilu Henner and hundreds more. She is also a Soroptimist and Reiki master. Both enjoy living in nature, parenting, travel, meditation, writing music, design and filmmaking.


One of their biggest passions in life is assisting others in reaching their goals and finding the confidence to achieve their biggest dreams.


Monica was brought onto the team and they have been training her to become the main publicist for Working Brilliantly in 2023. Her passion for music and independent artists is a perfect extension of the company's ethos and she brings heart, passion, and a strong will to succeed to the mix!

who we work with.

* Artists with substance, passion and heart.


* Motivated artists who want to raise their artist/band profile


* Artists with a high degree of commitment and drive


* Artists who understand the value of knowledgeable professionals


* Artists who want to invest in their career


* Artists willing and able to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect


* Artists with a high follow-through on advice


* Artists not shopping for the lowest-cost provider


* Artists who expect a friendly, creative, knowledgeable team to get behind their project


* Artists who believe in themselves and are grateful for every step forward toward their goals 

- no matter how big or small

Music Publicist Jennifer Thorington. Indie musc publicity, Radio promotion, Music Marketing, video film and music production
Music Publicist Samuel Markus. Music Publicist Jennifer Thorington. Indie musc publicity, Radio promotion, Music Marketing, video film and music production. Owne of music publicity firm

Jennifer Thorington

Publicity Consultant

Samuel Markus

Publicity Consultant

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